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Clark County Medical Society

Join us in ushering in a new era of seamless medical communications. Never miss an important call again – it’s like having a dedicated receptionist, but better – all thanks to MarTech Panda, our powerful software partner.

The Cost of Missed Calls

Unanswered calls are not just missed connections – they represent lost revenue. Do the math and realize that each missed call costs exponentially more than you think, diverting potential business to your competitors. Time to change that.

Immediate Text Back

Automatically respond to missed calls with a text, leaving no call unanswered.

Collect Payments

Enable secure payment collections on-the-go through text messages.

Improve SEO

Leverage free SEO audits and get 10% off on SEO services to boost your site.

Boost Reputation

Earn more Google reviews via text and enhance your online reputation.

Maximize Revenue with Minimal Investment

By utilizing MarTech Panda, not only are set-up fees waived, but you also reap numerous benefits at a reasonable monthly or annual charge.

Offer for CCMS Members

HIPAA compliant, seamless transactions and exclusive bonuses like a $50 credit towards usage fees.

Additional Benefits

Leverage advanced features like AI Website Chat, and more, right in your hands.

Concise and Amazing Offers

Experience complete transparency with billing and get more value with our intriguing packages.

Subscription packages designed for maximum benefits at the most affordable rates. Also, enjoy a $50 credit for usage fees.

All transactions are secure and encrypted, providing you with peace of mind.

Quality services guaranteed, backed by our well-renowned synergies and partnerships.

Take Control of Your Communications Now

Enhance your communication efficiency, boost your online presence and significantly reduce missed opportunities. All while enjoying exclusive benefits tailored for CCMS members.

CCMS Member Benefits

To claim your benefits with your missed call text back program, fill out the form so that we know who to reach out to with your bonuses. After you fill out the form, you will be redirected to a CCMS-dedicated page to get the 14-day free trial of MarTech Panda. Our team will receive a notification from MarTech Panda that your account was activated and we’ll work with you to set up your custom text message seequence.

This month’s bonus includes:

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Waived $396 Setup Fee
  • $50 Instant Credit for Usage Fees (for reference $10 is about 245 text messages)
  • Live (or AI) Website Chat Feature
  • Collect Payments via Text Feature
  • Get Google Reviews via Text Feature
  • HIPAA-Compliant Marketing Software

Secure Your Growth

Together with MarTech Panda, we are committed to augmenting your business with strategic marketing and innovative software solutions. Buckle up for a seamless and rewarding journey with us.

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MarTech Panda

An innovative software solution that automates communication, maximizing efficiency.